One Day in My World Imagination

By : Ahmad Mutiul Alim

I always Imagine something which relates with my dream in my life. And now I imagine that I were in London, England. I start today at 05.00 o’clock in my room that’s located in the middle of London. London is very quite this morning. Most of people still enjoying their slumber land after spending their time with some kinds of their yesterday activities. I start to open my eyes and look at around. This room is very neat. I swept the floor and tided up my room last night. I thought it would be neat when i wake up from my sleep this morning. And finally I get my guess is true, my room is very neat and also clean. In this room i have many things that I bought it some times ago. I have a big TV in front of my bed which is equipped with home theater. Not far from it, there is a big icebox and a number of cooking tools beside of it. I also have a big purple cupboard. And I save my precious books like Tafsir, Philosophy, Science and any other books in it. In this city I have been living at my large enough room. Do you know that I get this room freely. It’s given by my government, because i get a scholarship until I’ve been graduated doctoral. I try to sit up from my sleep when I was in my bed and then try to think anymore. I do like imagination. I always imagine something before I begin my activity, especially in my bed. The looked door seems moving. It calls my name and ask me to move quickly. I open it to look at the world outside. The clock is still ticking in the corner under the door of my room. It always remain me that every time i’ll move, and it must be calculated. Omg..alRight,i think the time for imagination is over, and i have to take a bath. The clock is showing me that i’ve been imagined it about an hour. With the morning spirit, i move my body quickly as i can. I take my towel first and after that I go to bathroom for taking bath. Now the clock is showing 06.30 AM, I gotta breakfast and go to my beloved campus, Oxford university. Oxford university isn’t far from my house. Just a hour and half on the way. Knowing that i will spend much time on the way, i go earlier. My lecture ever said to me that the students hoping to come on time has to go earlier from their house, and i do it. I have been studying in oxford university since three years ago. Now i’ve almost completed doctoral education and i must graduate the next steps. I come in to my class in the third floor. I see many activites in the class. I see my friend disturbed by my other friends, just for kidding. At 09.00 the class begin. Today i study about figures of islam who has big influences in the spread of islam. All of students seems seriously listening the subject. I remember that when i was still in my campus previously -with my beloved friends exactly- some years ago i always listen the lecture who is teaching in front of our class. I sat in the fifth line with mr. Deden and mr. Hendra. How are they now? i want to know how my friends is now. After going back from campus, i have a promise with my friends to watch a movie in cinema. And now the time is coming. I don’t go back to my house first, i go to cinema directly. The movie today is a movie adapted from Indonesian movie. I think just translated in to english language, not adapted completely. The name is paper boat or “perahu kertas”. I’ve watched it previously in my country, but Perahu Kertas in english language has just played in Europe. Each of my friends invites their couple in this agenda, but i’m no. I miss my special friend who is studying in the one of Arabic country. I miss her and this moment. I hope she feels as far as i feel. Time for watching is over, and i havva go back and doing something. At 21.30, i’ve arrived in my room. As usual, i havva imagine something before i go to sleep, or maybe i think her? I don’t know. Haa..ha


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